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Soul of the Mist

Soul of the Mist

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The artwork presents a majestic Highland cow, its prominent features captured in striking detail. The cow's long, curved horns gracefully stretch outward, with a weathered appearance that hints at the tales of time. Its shaggy, golden-brown coat drapes down, slightly wet, perhaps from the mist or morning dew, adding a touch of rawness and authenticity to its portrayal. The cow's deep-set eyes gaze forward with an air of calm wisdom, revealing a soulful depth.

Behind this central figure, a misty and ethereal landscape unfolds. Rolling hills fade into the distance, shrouded in fog and mist, with a solitary snow-capped mountain standing sentinel in the background. The muted color palette, dominated by shades of gray, blue, and beige, evokes a serene and contemplative atmosphere. Flecks of white, possibly hinting at snow or floating embers, dot the scene, adding a touch of magic. The entire composition resonates with the raw beauty and tranquility of the rugged highlands.

  30" x 20" 36" x 24"
Width, in 30.00 36.00
Height, in 20.00 24.00
Depth, in 1.25 1.25


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